Arlene Willits

Nov 1930 – July 2021

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln

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Remembering Arlene

Arlene Boots Willits age 90, passed away Tuesday afternoon, July 27, 2021, at her daughter’s residence in Johnstown CO.

She was born November 24, 1930, in Henryetta, Oklahoma, (Okmulgee County) as Minnie Alline Bishop to her very proud and loving father Jesse Stephen Bishop, and her mother Mable Estella Hotchkiss Bishop. NOTE: Minnie changed her name to Arlene as an adult.

Arlene was preceded in death by all of her brothers, Doyle Bishop, Glen Bishop, Larry Bishop, Marion (Snooker) Bishop, as well as her sisters Linda Bishop Fox (twin of Larry Bishop) and Mary Bishop Holmes.

She worked at the Denver Water Board for over 30 years and absolutely loved her family more than anything else. Arlene was a child of the Depression and therefore never took anything for granted. She was an independent woman and a hard worker because that is how she was raised. She loved unconditionally and never with strings attached. Arlene was an avid reader, loved Elvis Presley, watching and talking about football (especially the Denver Broncos and her John Elway), and was a huge American History buff.

Arlene is survived by her only child, Patricia Wright (Patty), her 2 grandchildren, Andrea Romero and Rebecca Petrucelli (Becky), and her 5 great-grandchildren, Alexa Romero, Aaron Romero, Jordan Petrucelli, Elianna Petrucelli, and Sophia Petrucelli.

She requested that we do not have funeral services for her, as mentioned, she was a child of the Depression and could not stand the thought of herself or anyone else spending money on a funeral service. It was what she insisted on. Her family will have a private memorial service in her honor. Upon closing out her estate, we came across a letter she had written almost 20 years ago addressing how she wanted to be remembered. In it, she said “Be happy for me, I’m with Jesus” and she asked that when you hear these songs, you take a moment and remember her as they were very meaningful to her life. How Great Thou Are: Elvis Presley Amazing Grace: Elvis Presley Get Together: The Youngbloods

Friends & Family

Patricia Wright, Loving Daughter
Ron Wright, Devoted Son-in-Law
Andrea Romero, Faithful Granddaughter
Larry Romero, Dutiful Grandson-in-law
Alexa Romero, Caring Great-Granddaughter
Aaron Romero, Dedicated Great Grandson
Rebecca Petrucelli, Dear Granddaughter
Jordan Petrucelli, Caring Great-Granddaughter
Eliana Petrucelli, Fond Great-Granddaughter
Sophia Petrucelli, Faithful Great-Granddaughter